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lirik lagu steven s. billings – t.g.i.f. (thank god i’m free)


i thought i died the day that she left me
all hope and joy and life were bereft me
door of my heart slammed shut that very day
then you awakened something inside me
slowly i noticed someone beside me
turned and saw her smile my pain away

and i felt free!
thank god i’m free!

down in the dumps, i felt i was sinking
i don’t really know just what i was thinking
i risked my heart and ended up in dismay
then light began to creep through the doorway
and i decided i should go your way
thank you, lord, for givin’ me a better way!

and i was free!
thank god i’m free!
i’m free!
thank god i’m free!

sometimes love ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be
sometimes we’re enslaved by what we think is free

i had the chains of bondage around me
you came along and that’s when you found me
looking up into a sky that was solid gray
you touched my life and made me feel better
now i can smile whatever the weather
hey, what do you know, it’s a sunny day!

‛cause you set me free!
thank god i’m free!