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lirik lagu steve wray jr. – roses are red


i could see the melted candles on your dresser
i want the mood to change to happiness and laughter
girl take a ride with me, we could see the world and all the things it has to offer; it has a lot to offer

we could stay up all night just to watch the sun rise
take a walk upon the beach just to watch tide rise
just a day of relaxation, elevated, now i’m faded
baby look me in my eyes and tell me that i’ve made it

your beauty’s really dangerous, your intelligence is lethal
you’ve seen me at my lowest of my lowest, you are not most people, because most people, they would disappear, houdini
i won’t apologize for being real and being really, really me

baby let me love
let me take you to the stars, in heaven we cuddle
we can snuggle, we can huddle, hand to hand and face to face, please bless me with your loving kiss, a lip locking embrace

there is a god above me
because really if there wasn’t girl i bet that you’d be ugly
but appearance is irrelevant, your beauty’s on the inside
you kinda make me nervous, b-tterflies are in my inside

i use to be a bad guy, but suddenly i’ve made a change and i really don’t know why, i guess its how you make wanna be a better person baby i should thank you for the little things you do, that make me who, i, am, d-mn

you saved me from the bottle, you hypnotized me with the way you moving like a model, girl you are the definition of the word perfection, god must really freakin love me sending angels in my out field, and that is just how i feel;

i bury my emotions like the skeletons inside my closest
whats a king without a queen, he’s just a lonely peasant
my lonely days are gone with you around, i’ve learned my lesson

baby i’ve learn my lesson

[i’ve, learned my lesson]

i’ve learned my lesson

i could make you breakfast in the morning when you wake up
then after we could watch some funny movies, skip the make up
i’ll roll another jay, light it up in jesus name, reach the point of no return with you, no playing games, except for gta

ba-by, c’mon and dance with me
i could spin you all around, please give your hand to me and fly with me to wherever our dreams become reality
marry me, lets begin our life and start a family, a boy, a girl, we could have a little you, a little me, our hearts and soul with arms and feet, our children they will always be, protected and respected by a plethora of people they will ever meet
they’ll make me proud until i rest in piece

i am the happiest that i could ever be come celebrate with me
raise a gl-ss with me and take a drink with me and we can be as free as how a bird is free, into infinity and beyond, let’s reach eternity

this is a poem of our destined chemistry
just seeing you, i’ve taken hold of you and you have taken hold of me, embracing me, are just the simple things in life i need
you give me everything thing that i would ever need

ba-by, we’ve travel through the seasons
summer, spring, and winter, fall, i’m happy and you are the reason, the sun shining,the moon is rising.., there is no doubt that our good possess prefect timing

[possess prefect timing]

i could see the melted candles on your dresser, i want the mood to change to happiness and laughter, girl take a ride with me, we could see the world and all things it has to offer, it has a lot to offer