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lirik lagu steel magnolia – edge of goodbye


“edge of goodbye”

it took about a dozen quarters, half an hour, two minutes
twenty seven seconds to get through to you
and before i even had the chance to finish half a sentence
she was spoutin, spittin, didn’t wanna listen
nothing i can ever say or do will ever be enough for you

cause you made up your mind, yeah i made up my mind
you’re gonna say shoo fly don’t bother me

at the edge of goodbye there are always two sides
that cut like a knife, no wrong and no right
when you’re standing on the edge of goodbye

you’re calling me at two a.m. i know you’re whiskied up again
and i don’t really wanna have to deal with this again
you say i never gave you half a snowball’s chance in h-ll
oh well i know i didn’t kiss and stop you’re b-tching
even if i had it’s none your business, will you ever learn
it’s no concern to you

cause i made up mind, so you made up your mind
don’t need no reason why, gonna hang up the phone

so you made up your mind, yeah i made up my mind
you gonna say shoo fly, gonna hang up the phone