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lirik lagu spookythekidd – make it there!


still at the bottom, heading to the top, when i get there i ain’t gonna stop, money i’ll be earning a lot, ima make these hard nights count, ima make these hard times count, so many tears that i shed everyday but i know ima make it maybe tomorrow who knows

verse 1:
these haters be laughing cause i’m at the bottom, they don’t know about the struggle it was real life, still reminiscing on the times i was cutting my wrist, i’m speaking facts on this beat, haters can hate just know ima come with that heat, i’m at the bottom but when i head to the top, i’m not gonna stop, this money i’ll be earning a lot, in life i’m only getting one shot so ima make it, right now i’m currently tryna save myself, in situations i get upset but i know i gotta redeem myself, every argument i have i know i have to control myself, these dreams ima chase, this money i’ll make, i won’t stop till i have the fame, i maybe insane, i know if i make it things won’t be the same, but as long as i’m feeding my mom i’m gonna be okay

ending verse:
before i started writing raps, in my neighborhood some people talked about busting cap, those were real hard times, sometimes are families were in danger, still reminisce on the past fears i had, then i started rapping for fun, while my old friends kept talking about shooting a gun, writing rhymes, i’m going high, no one can stop me now, i know one day ima make it, even if i don’t i promised my mom that i’ll keep on trying