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lirik lagu soulkeeper (rapper) – hangman’s noose


most poets are dead before they know it, i’m firing crossbows at your shows to your head
cracking open skulls like the faces of death, who’s paying you the cheques are just
wasting there cash my ribcage is a safe custom made from a garden axe, i haberdash in small
rap kicking b-llb-gs, pallet wrap your lone corpse in a bloodly rag, st georges flag is an
act hang a polotician, cause everyday were now faced with empty shopping bags, another dead
man walks on the cobbled streets, your living lavish in a five star property, court marshall these
fiends that full partial, to secret wizzardry stickin me with a sick disease sur le gotti, mafai trial
hang you from the noose f-ck your roots your the evening news, inhailing fumes from the smoke
of my style..

catherdrials go (boom) your wife now a f-cking corpse bride hanging from the cross of st paul
by a necktie the gooddie young but the badlive long and you can throw in the river by my legs
when i’m gone, see i dont give a f-ck about your so called talent when you coulnd’t even balance
with your feet on the ground, trying to impress with your clicks that repersent you’lll sullfolcate
fast from posiioned gas through your air vents, forget a street war i rise at the crack of dawn
taking every man an women hostage in the peace core, before i free fall from hundred story shopping
malls, i was born in the mourge of a hosptial nothing is impossible like riding a rocking horse
twisted thoughts turn my brain into a band saw to your fans you might be raw to me your just a piece of
wood hung from the gallows in your hat from which your talents drawn….

belive in your idols there nothing but cash cows stopping buying there music for a minute and the’yll cast
you out, who cares how many shows youv’e been through i got a rocket launcher loaded about to
hit you, i’m heavens brigadeer brining fear i won’t shead a tear, dread is near this year now i see it clear
the final frontier hang them from the alcove i burn like a hot stove my secrets unknown, your scared
to be alone in a room with a microphone cut your own throat your getting nearer to the rope, your living
in hope beacuse your life’s calstraphobic, catastrophic now i’m shipping your coffin quick, i build floors
inside of bottomless pits, so can provide a stable standing, for my futcher as rapper and this gift i was handed
ill leave you strangled in the noose of the hangman….

rappers hang, suspended by a ligature, this is my signature my litriture is sinster, rappers hang
my words will bring you more pain i’m the one to blame for executing your name