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lirik lagu soulja boy – do it big


“do it big”

inertia [echoes]

soulja, 2010 turn me up
soulja boy tellem
s.o.d. money gang mane
i do it b-i-g mane!

man i do it big! from the cars to the clothes to the crib
man i do it big! fifty million, a hundred million’s how i live
man i do it big! … get it in
man i do it b-i-g, big, b-i-g, big

all i do is stunt, eatin rappers up for lunch
i got a million alb-ms sold, congratulations, well done
soulja’s heatin like a drum, and i made the club go dumb
it don’t matter where you from, long as you stay stuntin
i press a b-tton in my coupe and watch the car transform
i turn the haters on you, blast my speakers ’til they learn
i spit flames on the mic fryin you bound to get burned
after i finish stuntin then you know it’s mini-me turn
s.o.d., is the label, on 50 rich the fable
tryin to stunt like me, but i know that you ain’t able
from internets and cable, from my hood to asia
i hit the stunt b-tton now watch me count my paper
i can’t, hear a hater, i can’t, be one either
rubbin ice on my ice cause my chain got a fever
stunt like evel knievel, beanie hat no sigel
good over evil, i pull off in a regal

[chorus – repeat 2x]

my style is so different, my flow is prolific
girls on my tip cause i’m a pro at business
and i don’t be limpin, i ain’t never been shot
but i will shoot any rapper who, come try to take my spot
my buzz is so hot, i got the internet locked
ask them wannabe goons who tried to run inside my spot
i hit the stunt b-tton and all of that stopped
in my whip hittin donuts for them hungry -ss cops
is that all that you got? man my chain is enormous
sh-ttin on the beat, like the beat is a toilet
i see they tried to ignore it, but they gotta face it
a million dollars cash b-tch i spent that on my bracelet

[chorus – repeat 2x]

3:15 man my trunk go b-mp [7x]

[chorus – repeat 2x]