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lirik lagu sophie b hawkins – a child


a child

i want a child
who’s little hands
i hold in mine
who’s little voice
i listen to
’til the end of time
a child to keep
watch over all through the night
a child to love with all my might

branches will grow
and birds will come
and life will sing
stories like leaves
dancing in the sun
of an eternal spring
a child to raise taller than the highest tree
or if my child’s a bush
it won’t bother me

summer time and the living is easy
fish are jumping and the cotton is high
here comes the moon
here come the stars
here comes my child
from venus or mars
or some where far away
where the gods are playing cards

when you are born
will i know your name
recognize your smile
what will you bring
to this world of ours

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