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lirik lagu soja – summer breeze


“summer breeze”

it’s a real strange world
sometimes it feels like it’s not my world
but it’s the only world i got.
or maybe, maybe it’s different now then?
different now then, than it used to be
i don’t know, i can’t remember
hold on, wait a minute

cause you can feel it in the summer breeze
it’s something in the trees
some kind of long lost feeling
sometimes it feels like there’s something wrong
something that we’re doing
or not doing, like we’re far gone
another way that maybe we forgot
but maybe we still need
and what am i not remembering
cause i can feel it in the summer breeze
and it keeps calling me, it keeps calling me

so i’m singing as the verse start singing again
and i’m playing just the bells start ringing again
and i’m yelling hoping i start thinking again
and chasing after your inborn concept
i catch a flicker in the mirror cause i’m looking for you
and all i see is me, but i know that’s hardly true
the tv lies to me, red, green and blue
turn it to black, but i can still, i can still see you


i try to search inside myself to find the right and the wrong
but it’s so complicated knowing what to keep anymore
it’s even harder to put in the words to write in a song
but for some reason i can’t move along
cause karma happens, doesn’t matter about which bible i got
and i can feel it in the air, whether i read it or not
so i’m continuing to search and watch the road that i walk
it’s on the tip of my tongue, so i talk


i can remember in my mind
way back before my time of memory
lived through my dna line
and i can see it in jah sign
that we could be just fine
let history reveal the truths we need to find
but the memories are long gone
forgotten truths hid from the youths
too many years by babylon so
so we sing it in this song
with hopes to resurrect consciousness
back to our daughters and our sons yeah


i get a feeling that i’ve had in me before i could speak
and when i could i couldn’t tell people how it felt to me
it’s like there’s something in my heart that let’s me know that i’m free
but i don’t ever know when that will be
that’s if i name it all so if it even happens at all
cause i’m related to a place i’ve never been to at all
until that day i’m watching, waiting on this road that i walk
it’s in the back of my mind all day long.