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lirik lagu snoop dogg – wannabes


(feat. young jeezy & nate dogg)

wannabe’s, wannabe’s,
gangsters, hustlers, killers, riders, rappers, singers, real g’s

wanna dress like, wanna talk like us
wanna be like, wanna walk like us
n-gg- used to be soft, now you wanna be tough
used to be in your video, shaking like ugh?!
you motherf-ckers be doing too much
wanna be hating now you wanna be us
i ought a really be clapping at ya’ll but instead i’m straight laughing at ya’ll
then a n-gg- had the nerve to say f-ck snoop dogg
cuz got a perm and he just brought a coupe ya’ll
tattooed l.b.c. on him and every little g in the streets want in
they talking about cuz ain’t from the set,
and when they catch him in the hood, he gon get checked
young g you better be where you say you’re from,
where you from cuz?? wannabe’s!
n-gg-z gon hit you up, what it do crip?
n-gg-z want everything, even your b-tch!
used to be jewelry, and just your whip
nowadays everybody is in it for the chips
my grandmamma living in the south, understand me she even had to tell me what it’s about
say the white kids on the block wanna get a flex, say they love me like elvis, ain’t that a b-tch?

wannabe’s, wannabe’s,
gangsters, hustlers, killers, riders, rappers, singers, real g’s

you n-gg-z wannabe’s i was raised by these streets
ex d-boy i did my thang in these streets
went out of towns on so many licks
on everything i love, wrapped so many bricks
catch me in the coupe with my hat sitting low
in a rental car wit the mac and the snow (haha)
or in a prizewinner wit the mac and the blow
a half a mil a trip and i put that on crip
inglewood homies and they so piru
and so a n-gg- love every time i come through
the big homie told me go on get em nephew
make it do what it do, these n-gg-z ain’t you
no wordplay, ad-libbed yo, yeaaaah!
outta line, pull a half clip yo
send em back to the lab, a lot of braggin’ going on
try and sound like ya boy, a lotta bank going —
just one problem, that ain’t your life
n-gg- just two problems, that ain’t your ice
told ya’ll n-gg-z and i showed ya’ll n-gg-z
f-ck around and make me expose ya’ll n-gg-z
who me? i went rock for rock, then i stacked it all up and went block to block
they got that yayo money, lay low money, cold blooded killer better pay yo money

you say you are, yet you not what you say you are
you don’t know who you are, you gon do it, i did it in crisis
barry wanted to be white, marvin was gay, gladys chose a pimp
n-gg- you fell in love with a tramp, not the baddest b-tch,
half of a gangster started this sucker’s dream,
you spoke up when you should shut up
with them eleven dollar words coming out of your two dollar mouth
about a multimillion dollar crip, that’ll smack the protein and the gingivitis out your lips
little boy you don’t retrospect nothing, you better respect the 5 star guerilla crip
with bars and stars and more stripes than a zebra and a siberian tiger
while you kiss that man who never f-cked your mama, call him pa!
this is the sickest sh-t i ever saw, what part of the game is that
you can’t make a tramp a champ, even if you put on a stamp
she still wouldn’t be worth a crying dime, or a blue nickel or a screaming quarter
when it comes to this game, lil n-gg- you totally out of order
i said, it don’t matter what you say or what you doing?
whatever your g file may be? if it comes out that you’s a h-m-s-xual
that your snitching, you can ride the army, jack the navy, handcuff the marines
your g file is a sponge