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lirik lagu slightly stoopid – ska diddy


ska diddy

baby don’t move too quick just move your hands and feet
because you know we got to get moving on
baby don’t do just weak ’cause we can’t be beaten
you know you gotta keep on feeling strong

so won’t you do with me funky lady
don’t leave me on a boat again
so won’t you do with me funky lady
you know we wanna ska again

don’t need no reason for my moving jaws
don’t need no reason why we overload
so here she comes [x4]

mexicano, san diego, colorado , oregon
california and seattle ,ska diddy ,ska
wisconsin ,chicago, north and south dakota
missouri ,oklahoma, ska diddy ,ska
atlanta ga, lousiana, alabama
north and south carolina ,texas ska diddy ,ska
new york and dc, east coast tri-state area
on every dance floor
this piece gonna carry you to, ska diddy,ska

so come on baby don’t give it away
’til you make it to the dance floor
don’t be so blue too
so here she comes [x4]