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lirik lagu slice the cake – the siren’s song


a schism appears
my ident-ty fragments, leaving glimpses
in its wake of who i could’ve been and might yet be
through the grey i see myself illuminate

i see a siren in my dreams
she sings to me, her voice angelic
she brings to me glimpses of perfection
a previous life, idealised lies?
it’s all the same to me.

and when all is said and done
her voice still echoes in my ears
a ringing sound i cannot bury

yet i feel torn by her ever present guiding hands
do i reject this world and subst-tute my hatred for her

this schism it heals
a state of unity approaches
i yearn for transcendence
she shows me the door but i lack the key

she tells me stories
she tells me tales
she sings me songs of love
and songs of loss

she draws me to the water
and i wade in
content to let the ocean
take me where it will

i gaze upon her spirit
i see a face
it took all this time to realize
this face is mine

you look so familiar