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lirik lagu skitso – g.s.b. (gold , silver , bronze)


all i see is dollas
all i see is bank
if you ain’t about no dollas
get the f-ck up out my face
all i see is commas
and all i see is franks

verse one:

i’m in to win wit them benjamins
you can catch me on that chase
and if you ain’t bout no money
then i ain’t tryna race
i need dividends my interests compound it up like banks
catch me in somethin’ foreign
word up to morgan chase
i’m out here boy explorin’
or prolly somewhere out there tourin’
cruizin’ by them ocean sh-r-s in some ferrari’s or some porsches
i said in two whips wit’ no spinners
spin cuz that sh-t is outta date
catch me up in that golden state skatin’ on some golden dates
i swear i should have a golden safe
and i got so much money i should have a golden face
had a silver spoon in my mouth
now i want a golden taste
and when i leave this earth meet me at the golden gates

verse two:

i said i’m in to chips, and i’m into get tha money to get rich
you should call me an acrobat
cuz a n-gg- just tryna flip
imma spend & spend till the day i need end and i ain’t tryna tip
unless you workin’ for it, that sh-t don’t make no sense
and i’m out there in the mornin’, while you other n-gg-s snorin’
scornin’ tryna get that cash cuz that other sh-t is borin’
i said to gems i’m into the rims so i’m just tryna get it
and if you n-gg-s ain’t about money then i ain’t tryna kick it
and all i need is silver cuz that sh-t don’t feel peculiar
feel i had my past life, that’s why it feels familiar
and i ain’t f-ckin’ around, word to ben stiller
if you catch me on the sly, call me sly silvers, haaa

verse three

i need my benjamins, my jacksons and a hunnet thou a year
if you ain’t got no grants then get the f-ck up outta here
cuz im always in to plans for me to build some grands that’s music to my ear/
so if it it ain’t about finance, then i ain’t tryna hear/
cuz i ain’t livin proper if it ain’t about if it ain’t about getting coppa/
imma go stack this stash cuz a n-gg- like me need aloota/
gotta go and get that money man cuz sh-t that’s all i need/
if it ain’t about coppa dollas then i ain’t tryna speak/
all all all i need is bronze/
so give me the stocks and bonds/
and if it ain’t about that, then i ain’t tryna bond/
cuz when i was down and out ain’t n-body was tryna bond/
ain’t n-body handed out nothing that’s word to my mom/