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lirik lagu siah the clown - have you ever? part 5


[verse 1]
have you ever s~x with a bum on the street?
then when you were finished you had bumps on your meat?
have you ever had a roommate with black forces
then you looked in your fridge and there was nothing else to eat?
have you ever had s~x with mr. t
and couldn’t walk straight for a week?
have you ever ran out of toilet paper and
used your hand and rubbed the sh~t on your meat?
have you ever sucked your teachеr’s d~ck
to get an a in his class?
have you evеr f~cked a b~tch in the middle of the hallway
and the teacher came and asked you for a pass?
have you ever hit it from the back
and there eyes were long as f~ck
turns out its mr. crabs?

haha! holy f~cking sh~t!

[verse 2]
have you ever went to a nba young boy concert
and he threw his water on your face?
have you ever went to the doctor
to get tested and know you have aids
have you ever thought your dad was dead?
and he was downstairs playing spades?

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