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lirik lagu shaun lib & jamar johnson – super jamario bros.


“jamar got that supervillain music…
feeling like bowser, y’all are koopas…
motherf~ckers, go get ya coupes up”

verse 1:
ain’t showered in two suns, been on my basquiat panting
quills sharpening more than porcupines off product from reagan
house we bathing in a brothel, hard c~ck in an exotic blasian
cross~way from project housing, thousand pounds on scales weighing
hammerheads’ll chew your blocks up like piranha plants
respect in hempstead, bronx, gow~n~s, public honor grants
did all that with half an ounce of ‘za, no designer pants
two cartier lenses, mod libby, & astounding friends
sound extending more than puget, square footage from a cubic
apple, nasa, packard hewlett, soft on micro, macking music
cult vulture, tactics foolish, ’bout it since a pack of noodles
still on ramen budgets, that’s the deal with how the market scruples
‘less the chain hang lower than ya pappy’s nuts
chappelle show skit: muhf~ckas need to “wrap it up”
body bag it up, charring corpses, y’all a pack of runtz
dirty morals, poisoning your waterways & aqueducts

couldn’t f~ck with us if you wanted to
no no no
couldn’t f~ck with us if you wanted to
no no no
verse 2:
y’all selling beats & verses, pimpin’ art out like a prostitute
we making bodies work & touring counties like the motley crue
soon on tour performing at the flog gnaw carnival
it’s spoken into form, reaffirming psychological
(bah bah bah bah)
i’ll molotov c~cktail a record deal
major labels connive more than crackheads who rob & steal
pocket rapists, 360 degrees, tryna cop a feel
independently free, pop up when i want like copperfield
‘less distribution or marketing: all pork to me
muslims 5 percenters, praise allah, goggles on kareem
visionary hall of fame, master in the baller game
supply flame from corner with orchestration, nba jam
same as i came in the room yet so different
never sold my soul or aura to perform for a short commission
start~up companies stay vigilant, open ya ears & listen
learn a thing or two from shaun lib when he get to spittin’

couldn’t f~ck with us if you wanted to
no no no
couldn’t f~ck with us if you wanted to
no no no
couldn’t f~ck with us if you wanted tooooo
got jamar on the beats
& lib with the hattrick
drop that album everybody going bat~sh~t

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