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lirik lagu sexton – lost my heart in hollywood


july 1st 2008
the day i sacrificed everything that i had to take a flight to la
i had n0body i can call
just a dream and 5k
knew if i ran with the wolves i’d work it out along the way
see back home i had an accident
walked away with a scr-pe
we hit a stolen police car, flipped over three cars
ten times and hit a gate
to me that was god just realigning my fate
to be something great
but now it’s not clear
cause i’ve been grinding my rounds in this black hearted town
ive tasted the top
got played
they pushed me back down
i know so many lonely people
who lose themselves for the dream
they party in the hills with evil
this life is nothin what it seems
many men unappreciated the talent that i have
you had the ability to help me
but rather try to get me in bed
it’s a cold hearted game
and my spirit ain’t the same
i just wanna know was it worth it

i keep going
and i know that i’m growin
but there’s nothing real around me yea
i don’t feel the same about me yea
i keep going
but time ain’t slowing
ain’t no turning back for me
the second that i found your love
everything became enough to stay here with you
but now you’re gone
lost in the city lights that we live in
and i pray everyday you ain’t changing
im here alone again

i lost my heart in hollywood
turned back the time man i wish i could
maybe the heartbreak will do me good
do me good (x2)