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lirik lagu selah sue - just because i do


“just because i do”

the game is on, the game is on
you and i
the feeling i had
it’s coming back again
the world went dark, as did the rest in life
hold on my love, i say
hold on my love
when my head is getting cloudy
and my words are getting dark
when my pain frees all my anger
’cause i crave, yeah i crave to catch, i crave to catch a spark

and if i’m saying i don’t love you, it’s just because i do,
it’s just because i do

it’s just because i can’t
let you see all of these parts, still hanging in the air
oh god i wish they formed a person
who we could love, who we could love from now on
but instead i’m still against them
and i would love to see them go, i would love to see them go

you and i
the feeling i had
it’s coming back again

you wrapped your arms around my soul
i could never live without you
and now we’re waiting for the sun to come to melt this cold black snow
all our dreams put on the shelves
but i’m sure we’ll let them know
who we are

you and i
the feeling we have
it’s coming back again

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