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lirik lagu seezmics – until then


seez mics:
she’s the type to giggle when you let her
get away with murder when delivering the pressure
measure: his and hers forever
or temporarily a prisoners’ dilemma
the minute i remember that i’m owed an apology
i forget: i wrote an anthology
a digital trail of broken philosophy
all on account of i hope she don’t follow me
open throat policy: swallow your pride
you’re thick where it counts, but hollow inside
maybe it’s pheromones, call it a vibe
but i’m seeing through the peek~a~boo walls where she hides
fall from the sky, a beautiful mess
but all i see is ugliness due to the stress
maybe one day i’ll be immune to her hex
until then, i guess i’m just someone new to impress

uhh. to clarify my pair of eyes
caught mid~stare amidst air and time
there in line, through miles worth of crowd
you were certainly endowed. saw you
flipping foucault with a furrow in your brow
i said ‘wow’ in an inside voice, a choice unfold:
impossible talk points? implausible goals?
although, i’ve been told fortune favor the bold
bold’s a neighbor to a dangerous and lecherous road
and me, i hate that we paved it so you keep a tally of
which alleys you avoid and which escapes you’ve scoped
sudden situation hinging on a trepidation
a cat~call’s a construct of a perilously feral nation
so now, i’m frozen. i was going in on insecurities
and by association, my maturity, when ~ whoops
forgot to stop staring your way
i’ll pick it up but thanks for now for how you’re bearing the weight
who brings the truth and provides the lies
our back and forths go side to side
talk show hosts that you idolize
say its none of my biz, when you privatize
online, you say that i’m more than mean
when we fight, i post up a jordan meme [it was just a joke!]
and some days the hearts action
will sign a peace treaty that’s on a bar napkin but
i recall details to head
i asked for your number, email instead but
it was love, it must be then
plus, you fought about me with your ugly friend but
we broke up, and now, yeah, we’re off of that
no hugs, just hi, and awkward dap [ah, c’mon, don’t leave me hangin’]
so we do a cool shuffle
we’re not the right piece so we get a new puzzle like…..