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lirik lagu scrambled defuncts – profaning the crypts


tearing out the nailed top of the cobweb-covered coffin
numbed of pleasure, i’m staring eagerly at it’s contents
inhale the damp smell of rot, hard to control my excitement
of decomposing half-rotten corpse with vacant eyesockets

addiction to ripping of the dead has turned into disease
desecration of crypts has become my whole life’s need
vapours, coming from the dead body, sharpen my feelings
catching rotten clothes, putting the body out of the coffin

incease the skin on the chest and pierce the chest walls
no more i’m able to control the desire that’s overfilling me
begin to slice the thoracic cavity, rip every piece of meat
my face, covered with sticky pus, looks so loathsome, disgusting

stiffened mummy is motionless lying in ridiculous pose
enraged, i begin to break the hardened joints, one by one
tearing off the dry, putrid skin, turned to grey rags
sucking the puslike slime, oozing from bursted tendons

violent spasms pierce my body, they’re making me mad
my hands furiously dip into the dense visceral mess
affected, i’m staring down at the dead tortured body
begin to cut off it’s head, stick my knife into the neck

brains control my deeds no more, letting off the energy
animal instinct now rules my body, makes my dreams come true
tearing off the sticking ribs, chop’em with the bones
crushed down fragmentized body is now turning to mess

breaking the parted head against the wall, looking what’s inside
devouring the lying clots of rotten cerebral substance
having gathered scattered parts of flesh, bones and gristles
i combust it altogether with the desecrated body remains