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lirik lagu save m – maria


[verse 1]
she blows bubbles every now and then
and then she plays with a razor blade
hidden from all the criticism
she befriended all of her veins
she’s laughing at her veins
cause she’s laughed at, and she’s in chains

[verse 2]
while she stands in her corner
she wishes she had a hole that she could use
a hole to hide in, without an excuse
but n0body cares anyway
(everybody treats her in vain)

[bridge 1]
and she’s been biting her lips for years, in vain
and she bites her lips till no end
she dies inside
cause she never tries to find the light

[verse 3]
and her name’s maria
she’s looking for happiness
she wants love or death
that’s what she says, she says
but people don’t understand what she says
[verse 4]
she’s stuck in a dreary land
happiness tries restlessly to trace her
but her path
has been cruelly littered by her past, her past

[verse 5]
she loves to leave things hanging
and to write paradoxes on walls
because she is only a child
she does everything, all these things
only when she is, far from home
so that people who care for her may never know
what she might think, what she might vow

[bridge 2]
she needs a fire in her heart
she wants to grow up

[verse 6]
there’s nothing more to life
than a smile and gentle piano notes climbing in the night
she found this out soon and saved herself
she sees life differently, she can go through it herself
and she glimpsed the truth when she realized
that she must see life in a different way
from now on
(from now on, from now on, it all depends on you)