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lirik lagu runnermanjj - crash out/statue


part 1: “crash out”

{verse 1]
ay, ay
this sh~t go fast like a muslim during ramadan
i don’t need a pen
freestyle this sh~t off my head
sh~she wanna dance for runnerman
i’m getting high just cause i can
tw~two chains on me, they big as sh~t
weigh more than an elephant
i’m too geeked up
wock stay in the freezer
she just went from man to man
i know she’s an eater
f~feel like i’m gon crash out cause he stepped on my sneakers
i’m so f~cking p~ssed off
spilled codeine on my speakers

{verse 2}
i know you don’t like hearing it
but you stay b~tching and moaning
thought you was a man
get off your period
just got my money up now
this sh~t gon get serious
i’m like what the f~ck
just smashed my phone, sh~t got me furious
stay quiet like i’m ferb
but i stand on it like phineas
you gotta chill now
i don’t want your girl, she f~cking hideous
i got these bands now
they ask too much, i lnow they curious
she used to clown me and now she tryna take me serious
{verse 3}
i’m asking ben to hop out
cause that’s my favourite white boy
n~ggas need to learn to shut they mouth
not tryna hear your d~mn voice
always tryna raise your tone, you f~cking loud and annoying
got so high now i’m snoring
she ain’t gon stay ’til the morning
plus your sister better looking
she so fine, i’m adoring
off a perc while recording
and i got more sh~t loading
me and azaan bad boys
he will smith and i’m martin lawrence
her ass talk a lot of nonsense so i’m starting to ignore her
{talk my sh~t on here}

part 2: “statue”

i’m ‘mrputonwhatever’
ay, ay, ay, yuh
i just walked in

{verse 1}
i told fabio teach me italian
cause i’m gon fly to rome and link this girl
and she told me on ig that she f~ck with rappers
you ain’t no thug so why you acting? {why you acting?}
one of my n~ggas in the army
he shot more guns than most these p~ssies be acting gangster {that’s my n~gga}
i get it i’d be mad too
if i was you with no money and motion i’d be mad too [i understand}
you hate on me because you had to
but if i saw your ass in real life you’d be frozen like a statue
statue of liberty, friends turn into enemies
that’s a lie, he’s a b~tch and a p~ssy
ain’t no threat to me {b~tch ass n~gga}
just cause you cool with him that don’t mean that you cool with me {forreal}
and i won’t shake your hand cause i don’t know where that hands been {nasty n~gga}
it’s a problem but if she do it then it’s okay {it’s okay}
she so toxic but i won’t leave her that ass amazing {that ass amazing}
spending thousands every week cause i’m so bad at saving
and if i’m not in your top 5 then i’ll just call you racist {i’m just playing}
pockets fat, they just like santa, i got 3 hoes like him
you talk too much, give you some nyquil
ain’t n0body like you
i’m tryna rock with you like michael
when you gonna come through
my diamonds dancing in the club, it got these n~ggas spiteful
called me the hard r so i had to punch him in his throat {bum ass n~gga}
this b~tch a freak, want me to paint her face, vincent van gogh
i’ve made songs with h~lla races you can’t call me racist
know i got the double chain, i’m tryna cop a bracelet
i love the grind, i love the chase
i’m a money chaser
she put them titties in my face but i ain’t complaining
why the f~ck would i complain?

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