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lirik lagu rossy – rummo


[ro$$y – verse 1]
i leave em’ cold like pneumonia
girl you so funny when you begin’ for ma bona’
lads are gettin’ lit as we sippin’ on the rona’
quiet lil’ chick but i f-ck and she a moana’, ova

[big tasty – verse 2]
big tasty comin’ up to the scene
i had to drop that girl cause that girl was real mean
she got a booty bigger than a player’s ever seen
but it don’t matter now cause i got green like a bean

[ro$$y – verse 3]
run the game, ugh, todd gurley or somethin’
head in the rain, ugh, hair curly or somethin’
ya i get the fame, ugh, reppin’ burly or somethin’
all red like heinz, ugh, ketchup burgie or somethin’

ya i flip it on you b-tches
y’all be talking yous is snitches
know my d-ck like twenty inches
when i’m done she gon’ need st-tches
ya i’m stealing on your misses
clean her booty like the dishes
when you hear me ask what is this
then you put it on your playlist yuh

[big tasty – verse 4]
hopped into the game, i’m brand new
hole says par 4, i take two
get your shots cause’ my flow sick as the flu
straight 90s, hand in work when it’s due

[ro$$y & big tasty – verse 5]
ya i lie to her face
get her outta’ my sp-ce
ro$$y why are you mad?
this chick is outta’ her place
ro$$y why she so bad
well guess that’s just in my taste
ro$$y you made her sad
well tasty give it a break
i gave her love that was fake
i ate her like she was cake
i’m a g who is real
now can the real ones relate
no i don’t need a meal
because i feed off the hate
ro$$y what else to add?
i’m f-cking coming for drake