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lirik lagu rjldiablo – liar liar (h3h3 diss)


motherf~cker talking that sh~t ’bout keemstar
time to exprerience these mean bars

f~ck h3h3 thinking that you made me
saying keemstar k!lled etika
come up with a better diss b~tch
even if he did you are a motherf~cking snitch, b~tch
only reason i know your channel is because logic & post malone, leave the gnome alone, its me v you b~tch
i’l whoop your ass at disney land
i’ll rip off ya busy hand
take your wife and take a knife and cut you and hunt you down
this is the front right now, you are a c~nt looking for clout
you think that sh~t is a roundabout?
you’re about to die, saying all these lies
b~tch you ain’t no guy, you are just a spy
your wife is hoe, time to say goodbye
look like you had a poison pie
i am the reaper taking your soul and stick it down the toilet
and flush it down
i won’t motherf~cking brush it now
i hope you realise your mistake you fake
i’ll get a rake and stab you like i did with styxxx
so stick with your mistake i motherf~cking hate you
you are a b~tech drama alert
you’re about to go on red alert
leave your body in the desert, take your best shirt
f~ck you b~tch just because you’re rich doesnt mean you can get away with everything, go to h~ll, whiff my smell, ring the bells
get the kettle pour it over ya f~cking face
dont give a f~ck bout race, time for your chase
you ain’t got no pace, and i am jason voorhees
giving you some sour knees, kick your head on the door hinge
get an orange, throw it at your f~cking face you’re a disgrace
you have a f~cking ugly face, you say you hate, bts
yet always behind the sh~t
saying koreans are f~cking g~y you h0m~phobe
go motherf~cking jump off my house cause its taller than yours, you about to go poor, hit yo head on my floor
b~tch you were in payday
now you better call fo mayday! f~ck you h3h3!
thinking that you made me! you thinkin’ “oh he hates me!”
for f~cking once you’re right! time to eat my sh~te!
more p~ssy than dwight! b~tch you’re fat as sh~t!
raise your f~cking kid! h3h3 hid! try to make a bid!
but you just a motherf~cking b~tch!
f~ck h3h3 thinking that you made me
f~ck h3h3 thinking that you made me
f~ck h3h3 thinking that you made me
f~ck h3h3 thinking that you made me

lately, you been stuck in a loop hole
man is that sh~t coming out your p~~p hole
raise your f~cking kid man
or i’ll rip your f~cking head off

i could get f~cking keemstar on the second one
doubt i could, but still
i could burn your f~cking ass off
f~ck you h!