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lirik lagu rika (nyc) – a new york love affair


[verse 1]

new york, sir, i gotta tell ya
the bond we share, baby
got people really lookin’ at me crazy
saying my love for you
might have me missin’ out on other boos
but who better than you?
sh-t, even they know it’s true
the other day somebody asked me what i thought my word would be
i said “p-ssion” & realized that’s why we match so perfectly
’cause that’s you too — p-ssion, hustle, and drive
it’s no wonder you make me feel so alive

remember growin’ up in forest hills, past my bed time
i’d be staring out the window looki’n up at all the lights
swear even then i knew being from here was special
that this is where one comes to take it to another level
when the fam moved to jerz but in the city for a day
visiting my grandmothers or a show on broadway
crossin back over the gwb i’d turn around
and be electrified the second that my eyes would spy your crown
just somethin’ ’bout you always spoken to my soul
getting to know you even more is the goal
no place like home..

(it’s a poisonous love)
and it’s running through my veins

[verse 2]

new york sir, you drive me crazy
you really stress me out
too many people, too expensive
can we talk about, why the rent is
so got d-mn high?
why the 1 gotta be crowded at all times?
you know i love you, although sometimes i get scared
in fear that mutual appreciation isn’t really there
it’s like, i’m the type to fight for everything that i love
so why you kicking my -ss on days your girl could use a hug?

sometimes i think your magic, sometimes i think i’m foolish
like i’m just idealizing, justifying all your bullsh-t
times your cologne so strong, flee to the burbs to breathe
go somewhere to be surrounded by some gr-ss and trees
but i always come back, and i can’t wait
to see tonight’s colors on the empire state
every time i travel rep with a yankee hat
you mean so much to me i even went and got a tat
just know that i respect you, for the pretty and the gritty
and every single night i say a prayer over my city

(it’s a posionous love)
and it’s running through my veins

[verse 3]

new york

it’s been suggested that someday i might be over you
but i hope they’re wrong, i hope our love stays strong
but if i ever feel the need to be gone, my love for you will carry on
you made me who i am that’s why i’m making this song
this love affair will last forever
how could i ever, forget the place that i belonged?

it’s a poisonous love
and it’s running through my veins