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lirik lagu rigano - souvenir


i know that you think that you’ve cut my wings
but you don’t wanna make yourself a souvenir
a burden, a wildfire in that forest that you couldn’t keep
now flooding, choking in the tears that you can’t keep in

but you’ve lost me
and now i cut you off
i’m not concrete
if you knew, you’re better off

i’ve been in a place that i don’t belong
so close to a nightmare or a f~cking curse
(now) burning, putting all my fears down in kerosene
forgotten all the empty promises you said to me

no, i have no regrets
i have no secrets
i haven’t lied to you
i care nothing about you
i told my demons
don’t wanna see you anymorе
don’t wanna see you anymore
don’t wanna see you, oh
ooh, ah

don’t wanna see you anymore

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