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lirik lagu riff raff – summer of surf


gone for the summer
gone for the summer yeah 80 day vacation
i said a 80 day vacation
80 day vacation
i said a 80 day vacation
stretch plum hummer
i’m gone for the summer yeah stretch plum hummer

[chorus x2]
swag when i surf
now watch me surf this swag
swag when i surf
now watch me surf this swag
this is the remix
yeah this part two
she ’bout to surf on me
i’m ’bout to surf on you

[verse 1: riff raff]
she on for the summer
other side of town
she tell me to come over say her parents out of town
she a bad broad
and she never acting for [?]
open up garage [?] zero cars in garage
i tell her call her friends
yeah i think menage a trois
plus we got some money her parents left her a credit card
yeah it’s a black card i’m thinking shopping spree
she’s thinking more hummers
i’m thinking ’bout the florida keys
gone for the whole night
kawasaki bike
she fed me five pounds of lobster
fed me every bite
hold a minute take a pause
we in the bathroom stalls and she’s playing with my b-lls
while i check my missed calls
she seen a naked pic
it’s a motorola
she say “i like that b-tch
tell that b-tch to come over”
we back to the range rover
back to the topic
girl you need to stop it

[chorus x2]

[verse 2: riff raff]
ball game
going four for four
ball for ball [?]
like a ball stool [?]
you be on that rap shit
i ain’t ’bout that battle shit
you be on that cap shit
i be high capping b-tch
i be on that trap shit
might pull like three or four
beef or the circle down [?]
got a bad attitude i’m looking for the excuse
to knock it out of bounds girl
you out of bounds girl
talking out of time girl your -ss is out of bounds girl
not at all
hop all [?] the bright b-tch with fat -ss
bring me syrup weed and pills and some tylenol
i ain’t even stressed out
fuck my opponents
it’s summertime
i’m ex-pills [?] and coronas
hdtv’s picture jumping out the plasma
bad b-tch with all this ice think she catching asthma
yeah i’m on the side breathing
yeah she ’bout to faint now
thug girls see my ice have a mental breakdown

[chorus x2]

[verse 3: riff raff]
i got a freestyle license
no more writing
you d-mn near catch a virus all the freestyles you fighting
forty-fifty g’s on my icy devices
your parents see my ice have a midlife crisis
it’s time for them to see the counselor
trying to get in vip with me?
go and see the bouncer
cause you ain’t paying me nothing
ain’t get no me [?] you thought that i was bluffing
yeah can’t afford
nah i ain’t no joke
i’m riding ’round on rims
you be flipping hundred spokes
yeah throwing caution in the wind
gucci on my loose plate
girl i don’t want your lips
girl you got some loose lips
top and bottoms even even on the top part
i ain’t trying to grab your -ss
your -ss ain’t got no cl-ss
it ain’t got no tightness
i turn heads like vice grips [?]
you be trying to wrestle with me
fuck that

[chorus x2]