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lirik lagu rick ross & meek mill – star island


[intro: rick ross & meek mill]
tell them n~ggas, “get in line,” they ain’t got no money (none, brrt, brrt)
spent thirty~five million on my jet, n~gga (woo)
week later, spent another thirty~five million (woah, double m)
on a palace on motherf~ckin’ star island (atl jacob, he a f~ckin’ millionaire)
take notes, n~gga (huh)

[verse 1: meek mill, rick ross, meek mill & rick ross]
life up easy (lot), a lot of riders on it (a lot, ruckus)
i play greasy (what?), it ain’t no plottin’ on me (no plottin’, brrt)
she too easy, i told the bro to lob her for me (throw that out)
if i catch you cheatin’, i’ll buy you a watch, we probably gon’ rob you for it
a lot of money (a lot)
you ain’t never count no money ’til you get tired of money (woo)
totin’, runnin’ ’round, right hand in the trenches with all my diamonds on me (brrt)
homie a clown, get hit in his head, you see on fire on ’em
switchy on the pound, rip through his louis felt like it’s fire on him, it’s hot
i’m with ricky, me and my sticky (boss)
right in the rear view, n~ggas tricky
i got twenty hoes right now, but only gon’ take two ’cause i’m picky
pullin’ a rolls~royce through my old hood, it ain’t no way that you could miss me (no way)
she was on demon time, lil’ ho~ho (huh), it ain’t no way she could kiss me
it ain’t no way (it ain’t no way)
it ain’t no way (it ain’t no way)
i just sniped a famous b~tch and cut her like she oj
she was tryna play with me, i’ma text her on her birthday
for what? (for what?)
just to ask her if she okay
[interlude: rick ross & meek mill]
okay (okay)
okay, okay (okay, okay)
meek, i love it, n~gga (i love it)
i love it (i love it), yes (m~m—)

[verse 2: rick ross]
jokić and murray, you know we determined
sendin’ my shooters like a movie, i’m closin’ your curtains (uh)
kobe and shaq (shaq), the bottles are black (black)
the nine inches to you snitches and all of you rats (rat)
why you countin’ my pockets? (pockets)
b~tches dm my b~tches (b~tches)
irs sheet been talkin’, real estate is extensive (extensive)
my money r~t~rded (ha), since you n~ggas is dummies (dummy)
and my label the largest (m~m—), i just came for the money (brrt)
i’m not dissin’ you n~ggas (nah)
i’m just tippin’ the k!llers (biggest)
we can share all the women (woo)
i’m not gettin’ no feelings (hahaha)
africa to nairobi (nairobi)
i got kids in the village (village)
yes, they call me, “don dada” (don dada)
been through pain and they feel it (uh)
put the hoes on a bus (bus)
we could jump on a jet (jet)
737, i’ma jump on the next (hahaha)
them fake ass lab diamonds (lab)
left a lump on your neck (lab)
i gave your b~tch a double m, it ain’t none but baguettes (baguettes)
[outro: rick ross]
yes, baguettes
it’s too good to be true (m~m—)
they can’t believe we pulled it off, n~gga (huh)

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