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lirik lagu rhomb frenzal – you are not my friend


i never felt bad lending a hand
i think you hoped i wouldn’t be in a band
a broken ash tray i can always replace
i kick the door then i spit in your face


you are not my friend, you are not my friend
never ever ever again


i dream of sunsets a drink in the sand
of all my friends and losing money in the van
remember holidays that weren’t such a waste
and a broken jaw from a punch in the face

(chorus) (x2)


picture perfect with a frame that pretends
to be a martyr for a cause with no end
i was thinking that you needed a break
what i meant was every bone in your face

a mental photo of discoloured eyes
of dirty carpets and moistened thighs
these recollections i will keep to the end
and i think its wrong that you were ever my friend

(chorus) (x9) fades…