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lirik lagu rezlaine & nosgov – ​life creepy


[part i]

let me rot where i belong
h~ll on earth
this is a nosgov exclusive

[verse 1]
my eyes, look me in my eyes
we play with real guns, no this not no fisher price
if you wanna go that would not be a surprise
i think that molly laced ’cause it tasted like it’s ice
life been h~lla creepy i can’t keep it a disguise
i can’t keep seeing ghosts when i look into the sky

[verse 2]
i know what you really need from me
i’m so sorry i f~cked up this epiphany
i’m so sorry i f~cked up this a part of me
as i walk into the mall ghosts creep on—
spazzaholics mixtapes

[part ii]

go, go
think i heard a ghost
behind the doors closed
ripped my hеart and now it’s yours
live my lie but it’s a chore
as if lifе was ever a choice
it’s just dirty remorse
i’t was never your fault
was there ever choice, for me
was there ever a life after that time i bled
i got trust after that time i bled
i got no love after that time i bled

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