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lirik lagu redman – dr. trevis


(press rewind if i haven’t blown your mind)

[dr. trevis]
ok redman, on the count of three i want you to
completely forget how you did the first alb-m
erase data number four exhibit c-y protanium
now… what i want you to do is concentrate
concentrate on how you will do the second alb-m
no funk element too nucleus to the ninth power
exhibit four-l-w
now… when i count to three
i want you to fall into a deep mind of emotion
but before you do redman, i want you to
light this sh-t up high!

[somebody whimpers]
tired of burning, ahhhh!
[whispered] kill that motherf-cker
yeah, help me get out of here
[whispered voice cackles] die n-gg- die!
i don’t wanna die
[whispered voice] die! hehehehehe

[dr. trevis]
i want you to concentrate very hard on how you will do the second alb-m
i want you to take the funk where it has never gone
i want you to take this lp to where no other lp has risen
you son of a b-tch!!
dr. trevis signing off

[redman] [beginning of bobyahed2dis music]
you are now about to enter the psychotic mind of redman
let’s take a journey on a funk cosmic adventure
to where no other n-gg- or b-tch has ever entered
let me lick your funky emotions with my cosmic lyrics
from a place we call h-ll, and beyond…