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lirik lagu redemption draweth nigh - march


i try to see through the lies
the tangled web of tangent minds
spread around, a swarming hive
thoughts blow away like dandelions
look around but can’t find the meaning
spirits play in the well
darkness at the edge of being
can’t perceive beyond this veil

evil has taken root
and there is nothing i can do
we must flee this tragic tree
before we become of its fruit
feel an ill will chill my spine
the darkness blows through the pines
i check my watch but it is broken
mystery surrounds the time

mounting wind, a sinful grin
the shower towered over men
iniquity, cloaked, raptured in
a broken glass night
chandeliers and campaign trails
fever dreams of broken bells
a dark desire filled the well
the final gutless strike
little time to prepare now
so, few days to weep or pray
only a short time before
the great omega comes to stay
jesus come, our lasting father
come and reap what you hath sewn
we are tired, we are broken
by an abdicated throne

we try to survive the bl~~dy march
turn the screw through our hearts
dark is the day, we pray, we pray
the hour is not yet through

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