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lirik lagu reasons – illuminate


[verse 1: nova]
slid into the darkness
i’m heartless
i know they’re waiting to leave
me regardless
can tell from the look in their eyes when they
spark it
that they want to chill and then
watch me start it (yeah)

y’all know i’m done bein’
we puttin’ this song on the map till we
chart it (yeah)
it’s all on my mind, you know what i mean?
pushing on me until i can’t
i promise i’m just tryna’ to make
you all see
that pressure is good
it helps you succeed
but i guess you’re too busy
choppin’ down trees
the money is locked in my lyrics
guess who got that key

[chorus: johno (& nova)]
we coming at you
don’t hesitate
we running at you
we illuminate
(feels like we’re stuck in the darkness
for reasons that never depart us)

[verse 2: johno]
(it’s johno)
girl skippin’
thoughts trippin’
too much on my mind to fit in
but i ain’t fittin’
i ain’t quittin’
reachin’ high, forever feelin’
like i’m numb, but he’s overcome
workin’ hard at this race i run
food for thought, can you
catch these crumbs?
my name on the track like dj khaled
anotha’ one (laughs)
we in the darkness
we in the madness
don’t mess around
bout time it happened
that we start rappin’
about the truth
and we start mappin’ out to the youth;
a path to follow
not a path to fall down
the game has faults we
need to call out
got inner demons
we need to draw out
reflection time
once and for all now

[chorus x2]

[hook: nova]
slid into the darkness
dark dark darkness
slid into the darkness
dark dark dark dark darkness
slid into the darkness
dark dark darkness (x2)

[verse 3: dre the g*nius]
make room
the kid making moves
love to win, but i hate to lose
some say my game is a little rude
but this dudes just speaking truth
put in work each and everyday
goin hard with no time to play
this rap is life and the game is bae
been the realist that’s no debate
realize that real eyes recognize the difference
between real lies and real guys
take both to the ditches
i ain’t trippin’ on what they feedin’ on
see between the lines what they readin’ on
check the bars i ain’t leadin’ on