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lirik lagu raydeo - sunken mouth


hear my mantra i’m hot
like sauna stimulate my
code and honor spoke to
judge like honor i’ma
just a goner be another
statistic with physics for
a dollar hollow by the
collar black faces losing
power i’m lyrically a
criminal the way my pen
is serial k!lling nouns verbs
scripture critical turn
into a ritual how my mouth overly
pivotal murdering rappers thats
flaking like cereal that’s chump
change your conformity
despicable straight miserable
my soul too worthy for the reaper
habitual the sunken place was
never for me my life meaningful
mystical acrobatic kicking that
six one nine i’m rеy mysterio
emperor i’m imperial catch
vibе on this mistletoe muah
blowing a kiss at the game my
game is cynical hottest call
me the gigolo big stepper
the interval when i snap
i’m inevitable
like a klondike what would
you do when these bars hit
you on sight heighten my
spike kicking field goals
all night the referee
referencing me cause of
my highlights the sh~t
high right punctuate
how i blunt i am you
smell the blood type
realest n~gga in my
stream doctors will
co sign i’m multi
multitasking open
my fourth eye forcing
this pen to write on
both sides gemini
the jebediah a
prophecy gold mine
lord shine god put
belief inside own eyes
now i peep the
world for what it
was to now discuss
open discussion let’s
the mind influx start
a redux do it again
and leaving the
mightiest touch
justin timberlake
my love homie with
timberlands new york
stands how i run
on my doley roly poly
my stardom filled up
like a cannoli my god

bon appétit feeding
n~ggas that don’t know
me biting the hand that
will smack you with all
this glory i tell my story
repertory a rapper’s
delight when informing
headshots bullet
informants that’s pop
crackle i’m scorching
can’t stop never avoided
voicing out many voices
my imagination is enormous
dropping bodies rigor mortis
hard headed just like taurus
that’s guiding all your tourist
award tour on unemployment
ensuring benefits deploying
i turn major payne when i’m flowing
causing a rift my coexistence
moves a ocean keeping it frank
numbing terrains the novacane
is swollen cause this pain had
me molded i’m all up in your
sources f~ck endors~m~nts
i’m mighty morphin with this
focus these lines will show that
allegory i be sad in matrimony
pack a punch i brady bunch
this category
hip~hop and i don’t stop
i’m dark magician how i
spin around the turning
clock yu~gi~oh cards
flying at your f~cking
spot the pinhead
giving h~ll rubik’s
cubed my plot off
the top i’ve been
on top blooming
sun spots in the
crop dusting off
a lot raydeo boom
from the box boom
boom boom boom
my west side gun
ready to pop set
up shop my clientele
begging for drops
coming hot with
rhythmic hops
hoppity hop
wassup doc
this twenty four
karat busting
my chops

jabber jawing since
a munchkin benjamin
b~tton reverse engineer
life consumption knew
i was something when
i made it just out of nothing
like mario plumbing peachy
dory stargaze the dungeon
conquer hurdles with a golden
smile smiling holding down these
amenities that form this sound
bumping loud with persistence
spitting quantum physics lyricism
be too exquisite from a sunken

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