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lirik lagu ray rife – step-one


the mic on? (yea dont spill that water)
shut up im not (matter fact get out the booth)
you guys know him as ray rife, the lost beast, whatever
to me he’s my big brother, shut up (son, get out the booth)
all i wish is that you’re safe
when you come back imma have some stories
i know you will too
oh i gotta go (son, get out the booth!!!)

uh, yea
bow your heads and say goodbye to him (goodbye)

i lift my hand and wave it
say goodbye for i’m on this road alone
the first steps are usually the hardest to own
ain’t afraid of change
i sacrificed for years living in shame
with promises to myself it’ll pay off when i reign
mother wants me to stop, pops did this and flopped
always question what will it be to get me over the top?
i’ve got no gimmicks, nothings really special bout my image
but imma go the distance off this heartfelt lyrics
indeed i will
all i haves a dry dream and a canister
thirsty for the refilling why yall think that i been banished for?
entire world turned on me in a flash, bet they’ll all want me back
when they see that i’ve exceeded the path
i was never the type to brag
never the type to boast
never the type to sink my boat with time to float
i never claimed somebody to be mine without my t-tle
and i never hated on the success of any rival
that’s motivation to be better carving my sk!ll, these letters
most my emotions i just cap in the bottle
i’m not a preacher for yall rhymin quotes rather than bars
if i yearned to philosophize i woulda studied aristotle
but nah, i studied that white boy from detroit
red’s man from the wu, one with reasonable doubt
his idol, and number 2
mix some nasty in the soup, ate it regrouped and soon my
reflections screaming its you!!
to take over the orders and slaughter all of the fools
that wanna do what i do but just jump in without a clue
don’t call me your everyday rapper that dropped out of school
lost, and picked up the pen like my life was lacking a view
can’t tell i’m different? from the way i spit it?
you hear that ep, my freestyles, i gotta k!ll it
you see my name of course i gotta cure the sickness and cancers
in the spirits of those alike..
that can’t survive, of the bullsh-t we equipped with
i promise only those that can relate will truly understand
and before i die i gotta catch that fade with uncle sam
i do believe i’m of a different breed
and in due time, you all will see
just what i truly am