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lirik lagu raven woods – chained and blind


when the glowing stars started to burn,
the hidden daylight turned into night,
in each scream against eternal lies,
when the corrupting truth came together with the hate
another holy light dies again in the forms of false

like an eye closes slowly and a blind can see again

in the shadows of autumn,
at the gates of silent cries,
on the sh-r-s of new born deny,
your enslaved sacredness chained by blunders
and rotting in my dungeons
cheering up with his lies…

the messenger of end, the vortex coming closer
the sands of time are flowing against you !
daylight is being replaced with my darkness
spreading over all sorrows
and the forsaken divine is starting again…

painfull screams of angels are repercussing in the night,
when the heavenly might they believed forgot them
gates of new lives are opening through their hearts
on that moment all wings are broken
they are dying in your world but coming to life in mine
cursed eyes are rising in the night
now they are mine…