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lirik lagu radical face – a pound of flesh


“a pound of flesh”

my feet plow on
from light to dawn
my empty belly in my body aches
ain’t hard to take
next to the weight i carry in my chest
a pound of flesh
could never tip the scale that i’ve made
i should have stayed
but i was never [?]
i hear your voices in the wind that cuts the night
and i pray to whatever is listening things’ll be all right
all my bolder life
your heart still beating
so don’t you mind, don’t you mind
we all trip sometimes
i can still hear your feet as you ran from the house
knowing you won’t be back
doesn’t mean that i will stop waiting
(you) told me then, hold me down, hold me up to the fire
(but?) don’t you dare hold me back
i see your faces in the clouds that scar the night
and i pray to whoever is listening things’ll be all right
then today i wake up feeling easy
and find i’m on the more familiar roads
i got a darkness wrapped inside me
but now it ain’t so hard to let it go
so keep a candle burning in the window
i’m almost home

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