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lirik lagu quelle chris – the prestige


[verse 1: quelle chris]
i stay in front of the system like lcd
we got connections through waves like lte
like lb’s brah, like ice cube, mac 10 nwc
these michigan j’s been jumpin’ since legalize weed, no wb
hamburglar st–z might gobble your trees
can’t be seated with rejects please toggle decease
p-ssed off like hitting the seat
i’ve been waiting for a minute like missing a g
why you listen to them all them n-gg-s listen to me
we got muscle in every hustle coco and ice t
when i’m busting my strut don’t rush it jojo and kc
ain’t no k!lling my high, ain’t no flow in the feet, i’m fly
take 5 come home with some heat
they looking like rappers to you they like clones to me, asleep

this party is bullsh-t
this money is bullsh-t
these labels is bullsh-t
these songs is all bullsh-t
i got a couple- and a couple and a
and i’m about to get lit, f-ck you b-tch
i got a couple- and a couple and a
and i’m about to get rich, f-ck you b-tch

[verse 2: jean grae]
rain j doctors, pterodact’ wingspan
beauty that’s buried a berry a very the inn man
a tin can opener with my incisors
i’m sharper than diamonds
with you conjuror, ultra-violent, so confident
ultraviolet lens and doing cross fit in a gow-n-s warehouse
trainin’ for the apocalypse
man, i’m not to be played with at all
even on adderall y’all still so slow
come at me bro
but now with your keyboard, in person
can’t afford to nurse, you’re social awkward, this a nurser
so shut the f-ck up, shut the f-ck up
and when you’re done
shut the f-ck up, and shut the f-ck up
in cursive
merciless, simultaneous humanitarian
syllables, syllables, 90’s rap actual act
i’m perseus, i’m fighting calibos up in a stadium
til there’s just one of us, see what i lift
those are hunt and attack
b-tch i’m [?]
model, 3 bottles i’ve got o negro
one [?] i don’t gotta live
i’m from the new york days [?] monolith
pop in trains, gold chains, and a br-ss grip
got c-cktails, [?], a dollar slice
god d-mn, the 2 sky lines, i’m from priceless
you’re a one slice toaster, useless
you’re a one night coaster, a lost loose clip
jean’s bob ross spruce trees, pond trees, vermillion
cerulean, bajillion, the power ball jackpot
i’m prisms of colors, how y’all that not narrow
minded, blinded, less a team member, arrow
i avenge nothing, k!ll on sight
hold it down in place with blades at a pillow fight
with my zillow lawn and uber into your hood
exuberant as f-ck, livin’ my life as i should
you dunce, you want this
but he flick with grae dialogue
this really well paced and i don’t mean the d-mn ride along
viacom, [?] walkin’ through a firearms
no actual firearms
just my f-ckin’ mind is on
pop a [?] for revolution sites you on
and when you click ’em every x sets off a different fire alarm
air raid sirens, your time is gone
me and mine about to climb
why you cryin’, whats wrong?