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lirik lagu qasas – leyenda freestyle


when i said that i’m back yeah i know that it took me moment
i had a little bit of hate when i owned it
i had a little bit of love on my shoulders
nah i swear that i’ve had enough now i know this
since i dropped war yeah i dropped all my soldiers
and they could never come back i disowned em
said i dropped heat but the love lookin colder
she never knew about that till i showed her
now i got a little bit of tension
yeah i forgot to mention the sh~t they finna say about mе
“nah he’s not about it, never seen him i doubt hе was ever living in the way he raps around beats”
heard it all before, but have you listened to war when i said it how it is but you could never know me
gave em all the facts, but they just throwin it back like your girl when she’s here smokin on that og
yeah i had gyals tryna speak on my name what the f~ck you expect from a f~cked up place
but they won’t talk if you asked who came, you could say that i never would have been in first place
say they know me, but they don’t know sh~t only know bout the man with the mask on the face
f~ck her only once, i’ll maybe do again you can call it f1 cuz i won this race
nah i’ll do it all again when i reach her
like i could do it all again without a feature
i just passed them call me the teacher
yeah i stayed blessed never needed no preacher
i took shots now the feelings lethal
but f~ck the beef tho i’m bout to write the sequel
nah its not complicated, but f~ck the fake sh~t, you’re bout to witness evil
i was on top and faded, but hear me say this, im back and now ive made it
givin all my opps and paigons, the f~ckin greatness
i need to turn and face it
she can have my name number, remain a wonder, but mans could never love her
if im not on top its useless, i’m topboy
topman cue the music
so wait
now im in the prime im in the element
but still im on development im keeping these rappers irrelevant from all the sh~t that they have never been i swear im onto better things surrounded by the elephants so you can go and tell a friend im better than the whole town, she on the phone now tryna throw it back tryna throw down. i gotta tell her that she really need a tone down
cuz i got plans when she back in my home town
how i got opps at my shows now?
yeah i dropped hits like i rocked for the whole round
this one, that one, please can we slow down
diss em all first i dont care bout the pr~nouns
maybe when im out we can see where the truth is
message online cuz your whole gangs useless
maybe when im done you can see if i replace
i never made it this far tryna stay in one place
and look
guessing when im done you can see me in a condo
i got a flight to france and its pr~nto
and there’s only one thing i want though
answers cambridge to toronto
you’re too good to talk you won’t meet me
they’re too hood but still they won’t beef me
you’re too shook you’re talkin like petri
come lets link and sekkle this neatly
you talk big and acting all street g
but you know you ain’t that completely
im so done with all of these weekly
opps who never want to come see me
i got names but need the location
i got babes who link on vacation
i drop hits its my obligation
play them whilst im touring round nations
when i made it know i stayed humble
i dropped all my guard except one tho
i rep q but no this ain’t huncho
50 mill that came from one hundo
i’ll keep all the praise that she gave me
but i know its blessings that made me
when the time has come and then maybe
only god himself could come save me…