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lirik lagu pyrophoria – jagged


i′m bipolar and i scare everyone
if this were aa i’d get a chip like i′d won
but if i had addiction i’d just be done

all these f~cking people follow me
they can’t swallow me
all these pills just hollow me
i let them swallow me

i′m never going to the psych ward again
you can′t fix what has broken built~in
all they ever do is ask where i’ve been

7 pills and i don′t know who i was
i stay away like a jagged person does
i love no one and am living just because

my therapist is the head of my
i am how old
frown told
now fold
route bold
out cold
mouth closed
doubt those
who shout no’s
i am made of prose
the heroine no one knows
a villain is all that shows
do you know you chose
to close
your windows
on what grows
not from a water hose
that froze
like how the nose
you don′t predispose
to not sure how it goes
your grudge shows
i am low of the lows
you don’t tap your toes
the music slows
strike a pose
fear~monger dominos
i′m in the shadows
the b~tt of jokes
i fight the most
lived on the ropes
never gave up hopes
that i could do their don’ts
they said i hope she chokes
no the the jailhouse goes up in smoke
says the girl long since diagnosed
as one of the bipolar scapegoats
this is my story and this is in quotes
my life does not go in the footnotes



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