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lirik lagu puregrade industries – pure chrom3


[verse 1: puregrade trip]
she awake
wanna f~ck
this ain’t him
scottish sirname like mckay call her gerry cinamon
in a rave
im a sin
neck a pint
sorry father for the pain im on dirty heroin
she wanna f~ck
but i can’t stop
taking these pills im on a rock
snorting charlie heart gonna stop
look in her eyes daddy a cop
16 months with bail on top
call up moey charges dropped
tabs of acid in a field
fighter bounce and he won’t yield
tory girl said id give her the world
think ill give her the dyson hoover thats sold in the back of currys pc world
oxy on my mental
try have s~x on thе benzos
perkk in the back of the club with kendal
[verse 2: puregrade perkk]
f~cked around and chucked around then send that b~tch home
call me vain but i still know youll bell my phone
eyes red like my double eyes pure stone
she a greek girl like medusa i explore her catacombs
send that b~tch home when they belling on my phone
got lead poisining the way im wearing pure chrom3
pure chrom3
pure chrom3
lead poisining the way im wearing pure chrom3
pure chrom3
pure chrom3
all black drkshdw not ramones
pure chrom3
pure chrom3
blood green that from oxycodone
pure chrom3
pure chrom3
moey and trip b~tch i dont ride alone
minds in two off of solvent and glue
i see a red light, ima drive by
im on a dui
drifting while im high
just rolled ten blunts feeling like im sky

[verse 3: puregrade moey]
they can’t stand me
can’t understand me
can’t even pull up to the club cause they banned me
youu can find me
off of that e
i heard your music trash as f~ck lil darkie
feeling like im bladee this glue got me spellbound
trip will knock you out, you won’t hear the bell sound
im with perkk he’ll leave ur ass bedbound
b~tch had five abortions call that haunted mound

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