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lirik lagu puncture wound – occasional butchery


once again, from time to time
he emerges, commits his crime
seeks a body of beautiful flesh
for the blade of his knife to caress

from the shadows he will emerge
knife against the throat of her
cover the mouth, m~ffle the scream
drags her back, where his victims have been

once again, he has the urge
from this planet he will purge
life of another deadly scourge
sanity is on the verge

occasional appetite
flesh and blood, taste so nice
makes a stew with a side of rice
cuts a steak from the limb in the vice

chunks of meat into the pot
cuts it off, makes a bulk lot
bags the rest into the freezer
longs for taste, becomes so egar

once again, he needs this
not enough, just to kiss
taste of flesh akin to bliss
now and then must take the risk
occasional butchery

he likes to save, fingers and toes
sucks the meat right from the bone
taste the stew, full on flavour
feet and hands in the bag for later

sometimes this, must be done
prefers the taste of blood from cum
can’t stop now, too much fun
likes the breast, battered or crumbed

that is all, done for now
he continues on somehow
till the next time his need comes up
has enough blood, to fill his cup

occasional butchery x2