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lirik lagu puncture wound – devoid mausoleum


now i walk, late at night
dead for years, devoid of sight
roaming long, causing fright
for your life, you cannot fight

join me now in this living h~ll
eternally cast under this spell
how long it lasts no one can tell
can’t remember how long since i fell

welcome, to eternal nightmare
so, it shall be…
no life but pain, and despair
no end for thee….

come on in your just my type
you have no soul just what i like
the place you rest just isn’t right
and you will never reach the light

this place otherwise unoccupied
you werе the next of many to die
lifе in here you’ll be untied

the pain you know, a life of lie
we never stay in the tomb
we groan and crawl
until the day we are exhumed
may we loathe and brawl

time is now, as every eve
we rise up, as if free
but we are, forever bound
to this place, of blood we drown

finding victims to fill graves
but once there, they will not stay
they will join us to find more
with utter hate and a rotten core

there will never be an end
or a level to transcend
just a dusty bone filled den
where no one is a friend

devoid mausoleum x 2