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lirik lagu playboi carti – xxl freshmen 2017 cypher


[verse 1: playboi carti]
yuh, ben baller, no johnny dang
yuh, uh, all my n-gg-s blood gang
yuh, all my n-gg-s gang bang, ayy
what? yuh, ayy
purple eight, yeah i sip that drank
yuh, used to pink, ayy
what the f-ck you drink? ayy
put the diamonds on my cross
pockets on rick ross, ayy
cartier, be a boss
put them on a block, ayy
put that boy up on his feet
yeah, these n-gg-s ball, ayy
all my n-gg-s eat, ayy
all my n-gg-s, uh, ayy
standing on my cash, ayy
now a n-gg- tall, ayy
and my b-tch bad, ayy
and she breaking walls, ayy