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lirik lagu pierce the veil – currents convulsive


“currents convulsive”

(so long!)

congratulations, break a leg tonight
what a shame i heard the understudy died under the knife
crying backwards under bedroom lights
(the operation)

i don’t think you’ll ever want to love me
you’d better listen to your doctor, doctor
sober up and bury the empty cup
in a backyard of seattle we used to lie

when i sew you up, don’t let me…
stop bleeding
tiny st-tches that you placed into my skin
won’t let me go (oh no, oh no)
and they’re ruining the mood

so i’ll toast every beat of my heart like a miracle

and i don’t think you’ll ever want to love me
you’d better listen to your doctor
doctors lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
if the dollar is right
oh, my sweet little girl
hold your mouth and you’ll be all right

(gather round, gather round!)
ladies and gentlemen
come from far come from wide
the moment you’ve all been waiting for
tonight, join us as we explore the spine-chilling mystery of death
and the miracle of resurrection!

please understand me when i’d rather see you dead
than live without me, so thirsty for more

beyond the sea blue light
i met the love of my life
she’d rather see me dead than face me
i like your starry eyes
they yell, “surprise, surprise!”
i’m in love, but not for long

(our operation)
call off the operation
(our operation)
call off, off, off…

another wave has turned its back on me
crashed back on the eyes of the first i see
(if your delicate eyes don’t blink someday)
can’t count on anything
(they might as well be gone)
for you i’d count the salt under the sea

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