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lirik lagu pentangle – when i get home


i don’t know what my baby’s gonna say when i get home,
i know i should have gone
but the booze keeps (a)flowing on,
but right now, feel like standing on head,
but the booze flow out of my ears,
but i really really really should go,
cause i know that my baby’s back home;

my sweet woman and the dreams stop to tease me with your
i gotta keep sober, keep my mind straight from red wine,
i once did climb my mountain side, did swim the silver
red seas,
and once did caught the moonbeams,
but now i have flipped to my whim;

now dear old i’m glad and had it right, baby, from the
he never did get married nor did he break any poor girl’s
all his life worked his fingers to the bones,
bl–dy jumped in to gain home’s town,
but he couldn’t really call it his home,
and i wish that i could be like him.