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lirik lagu penny the goat – world 2, stage 4


i play it off like i sent my friends/
’cause i’m a super saiyan god with kaioken times ten/
the supreme kai of rhymes ain’t got nothing on me/
’cause my ki’s supreme/
the talent one with infinite galick guns/
my version of this world never had a sun/
to keep it bright, only by the moonlight were you free of sight/
it’s hard to teach the brain to learn well/
when you’re dumb as f— and should’ve remained a sperm cell/
even back then, i would sin with the brides/
’cause i was hunting like them 1800 indian tribes/
buffalo bills/
and my pullout game strong she can f— with no pill/
why the f— i’m so ill?/
i just be conducting murders/
like i’m from the streets and i f— it up like construction workers/
i’m gifted ’cause i’m true like the z-plan/
and god gifted you a noose on a tree branch/
i’m as cold as a d-mn lobster/
turn you to a roach, a child of franz kafka/
checkmate ya like bobby fischer/
my knowledge bigger than six figures, leave you disfigured like n-z- soldiers/
i’m awfully older than i appear in the flesh/
i’ll be turning 5000 in 9 years or the next/
one day i’ll be a family guy/
with rhymes as my kids, i did in fact find my mind to be family sized/-
i don’t leave you with a piece of mind/
wanna piece of mine?/
your persona will get redesigned/
i’m always better like the arcade version/
i can tell your girl enjoys it ’cause she’s always on my joystick/
’cause i’m the best of its kind/
when it comes to the box, it gets checked like it’s signed/
why you mad? i only said it for the h-ll of it/
to get to me, you’ll need to improve on your developments/
of flows and bars/
there’s more to it than hoes and cars/
and the drug life, ’cause bud light ain’t ya blood type/
i’m the man with the picture/
leave you covered in red like you were fans of the clippers/
pac-man’s packing for sure/
i achieve the perfect maximum score when penny’s back on the board/
in your mouth like local orthodontists/
unorthodox with the shots, go check the board of optics/
my flow expensive as f—, you can’t afford to cop it/
only way to beat me is with guns so c-ck it/
the reason why they made dispatchers/
you fighting with knives, me? ak’s with grenade attachments/
bring a chainsaw to wear your face for fashion/
here’s the caption: everybody face the captain/
forthcomings of corpse-dumping with forest gump in the war with vietnam/
not underground with the viet cong/