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lirik lagu penny the goat – old school assassin


you can’t see me like black ice/
and not because of bad sight/
cause i’m nice like crack at half price/
even in my past life i was this dope/
like a 360 trick-shot with the quick-scope/
wall-bang, that’s the action i was going for/
76ers in your sister, call me okafor/
go to store with the receipt for the time being/
do us all a favor and please return your rhyme schemes/
you should let the beat rock/
lyrical bullets will leave you breathing like you beat box/
i understand my raps might seem foul/
but my freestyles lay you out like beach towels/
motherf-cker you will rot in the sand/
i know your whole game, i’m no top of the plans/
and you know my flow’s crazy like it’s popping a xans/
i’m copping some fans to cool me down i’m hotter than plants/
in the lut desert/
you birds aren’t that fly, i pluck feathers/
i’m a version of you but much better/
you’re driving down a closed lane/
u-turn before you burn your whole frame/
friendly’s ice cream flow, it’s freezing cold/
infectious, i’ma piece of mold in your pizza dough/
i gotta dream and i’ma reach it/
while i’m diving in the p-ssy, i’ll be swimming till i’m seasick/

i’m the tsunami, you all in the land/
you can’t withstand the hurricanes in the palm of my hand/
you really don’t wanna battle this earthquake/
with the magnitude of 8 on the first day/
b-tch, i’ma typhoon of my doom/
i’m corrupted, a volcano that erupted/

beware of dogs, it’s a nice sign/