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lirik lagu 高橋幸宏 (yukihiro takahashi) – this island earth


so i send an sos
semaphore myself
catch me falling finally
through the air and underground
everywhere this sound
screams whisper “i can’t breathe”
i feel it in my bones
though i know i’m not alone
you’re spinning far too far from me
so cruel to be so kind
now i know i’ll always find
this island earth
a mystery

as i stumble through the dark
dream lovers dream apart
starry~eyed a vision rushes in
do i wonder or care
my spirit’s bleeding god knows where
a never~ending stream

i tried to love, tried to find
my soul in shadows running blind
and restless as the sea
via sidewalks through the haze
wandering as in a maze
lost in number time and sp~ce
so near and yet so far
castaway as strangers are
this island earth
and you and me

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