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lirik lagu ​outsiderx – dead and gone


even if im dead and gone
even if im dead and gone
sick of being cold and [?]
though i’ll see you when im gone

even if im dead and gone
even if im dead and gone
sick of being cold and [?]
will you be there when im gone

i don’t really need your love
please n0body pray for me
’cause i did this to myself
sabotaging everything
f~ck this sh~t it cuts so deep
but i love to watch me bleed
looking for a remedy
b~tches give me anything

nothings f~cking working on my self
toning burning
just so i could block you out
then i f~cked up my whole system
even prayed to god, been sleeping in my bones
self bruising, that sh~t deep and
sacred demons in my head
still screaming, “im in pieces
so come collect your dealings”
i couldn’t f~ck in coke now they writing rips, yeah
a product of these feelings
i hope these words have reason
im something to n0body
hope somebody not to [?]

yeah here you go you may need it

i said f~ck the reaper, feel him getting closer
yeah i need a f~cking reason
she said she gonna swallow all my finger
think she deep throat
mixing all these i think is barely f~cking lethal
i smoke black and things go black

remember that time you had to watch me to the er
too many hard colas and a couple rotten pms
i remember you holding me and telling me to be strong
now why aren’t you holding me?
i guess i should have called ya

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