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lirik lagu otm - ruff ryders


[intro: blue pesos]
(808 kartel, n~gga)
(ayy, khalid, slap that b~tch)
you know the truth, n~gga (dj flippp, make that money flip)

[verse 1: blue pesos]
i brought a hundred to the club, time to f~ck it up
b~tch, you dealin’ with the stincs, you ain’t f~ckin’ who?
hit the door with that sh~t, you gettin’ way too comfortable
hit his dog like dmx, i’m a ruff ryder
shoe shiner, b~tch, you know the truth by me
you see the dark coupes comin’, know i got some chops in ’em
block the play, slap it off the backboard, shaq with it
ugh, see my chain, b~tch, it’s fantastic
i just did a n~gga grimy, where his foamposites?
we got the city on lock, please don’t even try it
sh~t, n~gga, bad timin’
we just whacked him in the wilderness, you can’t find him, you know the truth
i keep some goons by me, i don’t even do violence
talk to me wrong, chalk zone, now the cops comin’
hit him with the fan, caught him slippin’ with his pants down
the stincs the main topics, we the ones these n~ggas talk about

[verse 2: duffy]
ugh, leg shot, make him walk it out
school in session, where the opps? i’m finna chalk him out
i’m at mei ling door, i’m finna kick it down
why these bums got the stincs’ name in they mouth?
them n~ggas kind of goin’ crazy, bro, i can’t lie
what i’m on? lookin’ for a bag up in shanghai
cold demons, how them n~ggas makin’ thugs cry?
chop suey, made him breakdance, then we sped off
smoke with me, keep this torch with me, i’ll serve somethin’
word, them your friends? you be hangin’ ’round the nerds, huh?
this n~gga girlfriend say she wanna hit my cool cup
you out of luck, never wife a roller, bro, that’s rule one
stincs still run the city, bro, ain’t nothin’ changin’
mini draco in the coupe, i’m gettin’ impatient
hundred one shots left his body like a dalmatian
what he say? introduce him to this bully breaker

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