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lirik lagu original ohana arts cast of peace on your wings – ichigo ichie


it’s hard to say what we were fighting for
but suddenly, it doesn’t matter anymore

you get that wake~up call that brings you back real fast

you realize that you’ve been living in the past

all those days we should have cherished
and we’ll never get them back

so let go of all the hurt that you’ve been holding deep inside

and show the love you feel inside, never let it hide

[shizuka, kazuko, aiko, kenji]
always savor every moment
and live for every day
never take this life for granted
ichigo ichie
all the memories and the time with you i lost

and all that friendship this hurt and anger cost us

[shizuka and aiko]
makes my heart ache with a sorrow deep and real

i miss being carefree and that warmth i used to feel

let’s fill the silence now with laughter
not the poison of a grudge

so let’s move into a future where we’re always hand in hand

treasuring the time we share, and always being friends

let’s lead a life that makes us proud

a life with no regrets
let’s make each day the kind of day we never will forget

there are things we’ll never say
so much we’ll never know
once a friend is gone…
we only have today
we can’t hold on to forever
we hold the memories in our hearts
and we know we must move on

never say the words today that tomorrow you’ll regret
let your heart be light, and willing to forgive and forget
let’s be together, here and now, not linger in the past
find the joy in every day, make every moment last
always say “i love you” should it be the last “goodbye”
never let a loved one suffer, or a friendship ever die
there may never be tomorrow, let’s just live for today
let’s make the change and live the words
ichigo ichie

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